IHH 3 go on Thrilling Spree of Shows in UK!


I HEART HIROSHIMA meets the United Kingdom in a thrilling spree of shows!

Brisbane's I Heart Hiroshima fill their weeks up with more shows in the UK after the Euro dates with The Rakes. Sparked off after a near riot at Rics midnight on Good Friday, the threesome made a run for it announcing more UK shows in a wanton display of gratitude. Before their dis-embarkment in late April though... 2 more nights of audience massacre at RICS this Friday and next... playing treats from the brand new second album due out after returning from Europa later this year. More UK and Euopean fare to come soon as.

Thu 21 May UK, London, Barfly 
Sat 23 May UK, Bristol - Dot To Dot Festival 
Sun 24 May UK, Nottingham - Dot To Dot Festival
Mon 25 May UK, Glasgow, Twisted Wheel 
Tue 26 May UK, Manchester, Night & Day 

Also Pink Frost took a stumble of overloaded downloads at iTunes but link to earth should be re-established by the morrow. Stay calm.

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