Gent, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart

Welcome to our tour blog! This is a place where you can feel like you can hug us even though we are really far away.

We landed in Frankfurt on Friday night with no hassles and left the next morning in our turbo-awesome-super-box Van en route to Belgium to a) pick up gear and b) to hang with our tour managers buddy Chris. Driving in Germany is fucking weird at have to get used to driving on the right hand side of the road and then you have to comprehend going 150km/hr on the Autobahn and still have crazy people fly past you. It took a lot of getting used to. The journeys have been really nice; short and picturesque. Here is a sweet photo I took from the van:


Gent is a really fucking cool city. When we got there it felt like everyone was just hanging out, at bars, or in coffee shops around the castle, walking their dogs along the river or chilling in a guided tour boat. That night we went to the craziest bar..........there were 250 types of beers that it sold, one of which was called Quacks. It was served in the most horrendously massive glass and in order to collect you drink you needed to hand over a collateral. 


Apparently a lot of glasses go missing. Drinking ONE of these made us all very fuzzy and made us need beds stat.

The next day we drove to Dusseldorf to play our first show at a club called "Zakk". We met The Rakes all of whom we're lovely, dressed well and smelt like roses on a Spring morning. They have this bad-ass tour bus which we are very jealous of....I haven't taken a photo yet but I will. They asked us where our tourbus was....we shrugged and looked at the ground coyly. 

The show was really fun and the crowd receptive. As you may know, I talk a lot of nonsense in between songs at shows, and I was scared that I didn't have this security blanket on this tour as noone would understand me, but so far people have understood us for the most part. That night we stayed with two rad girls Kristina and Doro. We met them through the wonderful world of really is a place for friends. We listened to Telepathe, Hate Rock and Handsome Furs while drinking some highly recommended Dream Tea. It was a blissful night and we were so lucky to meet such lovely ladies (esp. me because being around boys all the time can be hard work).

The next day was back to Frankfurt where we played in Batschkapp. We played on a stage that had some pretty crazy predecessors: The Gun Club, Jesus & Mary Chain, Nirvana and our hometown legends The Go-Betweens to name a few. The show was amazing! We sparked TWO circle pits......TWO! I don't even know how that happened! We even had a german heckler = best! After the show our host took us to a bar in downtown Frankfurt, the inhouse DJ was amazing and super cliche, he was complete with beret and played the strangest array of music ranging from Midnight Oil to The Bloodhound gang. We stayed at a rad loft apartment with our new friend Annika and slept off our groggy heads.

this is too long isn't it? I've never been good at editing.

Last night was Stuttgart in this fucking awesome underground venue called "Rohre". It was made up of all these crazy tunnels and was really damp and weird. Our manager had told us that when he was there in the nineties with Regurgitator a bunch of kids took too much acid and ecstacy and got lost in the maze of tunnels! We played it safe and layed of the hallucinogens. 

Ok this will do for now. We will write again soon......i'll get the boys to do a blog or two so you don't get bored with my inane ramblings, k?

Big lurve.

Susie IHH

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