Eyes and ears of the world unite!

Around about the beginning of August I Heart Hiroshima took to making a third music video for the first single "Shakeytown" from our new album "The Rip" out on Oct 2nd with the help of our super talented friend Paul Rankin, along with camera virtuoso Paul Broadhurst and Jesse Hawkins.

We kind of underestimated the amount of time and effort that this would entale, much like "too much gum!" or "fantales in winter" or "can too!". Either way, you know what i mean.

A (giant) miniature city was handcrafted by the band and crew in the Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane. Toy cars and real cars were picked out. We hung the stars in the sky. Then one night we all drove out to the highway for some extra-tough laps. Paul sweated all over it to make it extra juicy and we got the end result. We're calling it "super good".

Also want to thank our manager Paul, my brother James, the "owner of a lonely car" Alan, and most of all, every single one of the nine Nine Lives.

So here it is! Why aren't you watching it?



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