I H E A R T H I R O S H I M A at BIG SOUND 2016

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I  H E A R T   H I R O S H I M A  at BIG SOUND 2016

Welcome to all and any attending Brisbane for the annual Big Sound

Make for the super sweet spot at BS2016...


at BIG SOUND 2016


THE ZOO - 611 Ann St Fortitude Valley

onstage 10.30pm sharp for 30 mins of the unabashed

...they would love to see you there!

New tune on the block FIFTY THREE... has just found favour with a rotation add on Double J this week plus been floating around the 4ZZZ top 10 plays for the past weeks.

And this just tips the lid on a flock of great new material heading our way.

Check FIFTY THREE here: https://ihearthiroshima.bandcamp.com/

Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness... I HEART HIROSHIMA break like an intruder into the night with their emergence back playing after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds. Teasing the possibilities with some jams earlier this year when Sully returned from Berlin... subsequently lead into the more tangible: recording with Dubzy from Blank Realm; an impromptu performance for the 10th Anniversary of The Outpost - the chasm since filled with life and experiences.

Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through two eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tours with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more... 

Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.

"To these ears, the result is a sound that's very "Brisbane": bright, trebly guitars with no effects pedals, strong pop melodies, unusual angles and lyrics and more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, or ear. If you want to place it in a continuum of Brisbane music, it's the one that begins with The Go-Betweens debut, Send me a Lullaby." (Noel Mengel)

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