Tourin' NOVDEC 2017 heavy dreamin' with partners in time... action!



Someone cried action... and all falls from there.

From the recent release of latest EP "Dreamin' Heavy and the guest spot with Custard comes some further dates in this here freefall.

And finally falling into place... sparring partners for these southern shows.

In Sydney BRUISE PRISTINE - hailing from Sydney, the band revels in the intrigues of the dark, loud and vengeful, 90s alternative rock. Their debut EP Not Like You is a punch to the face of dark, brooding rock, exploring mental illness, the isolation felt by minorities, battered relationships and addiction in a way that simmers and offers intrigue. 

And V (Dero Arcade) - is the Melbourne based project of singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist V. The music is a hypnotising reverb-drenched web of darkwave music influenced by goth, punk and wave. V's new album SO PURE is coming out in 2018 via Dero Arcade.

In Mebourne it's WET LIPS - If there's any hope for music as a force for social change, Wet Lips are at the front of the line. Since forming in 2012, they've been pillars of Australia's surging feminist punk movement, rallying ferocious crowds to their shows with songs that punch up with devastating accuracy. Wet Lips' self-titled debut is a mix of pub-rock guts and punk-rock sneer that charts the particular feeling of living in marginalised bodies, charging those bodies with the energy to kick back.

And SUSS CUNTS - suss band from Melbourne "laugh in the face of the male-dominated punk and DIY scenes". Suss Cunts cover themes of disappointment, illness, friendship and bad tastes in your mouth. Their presence on stage is powerful, explaining why this band has established a cult following of loving listeners.


with BRUISE PRISTINE and V(Dero Arcade)

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SAT 25 NOV - melbourne GASOMETER


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This shit is real... go deep.

DREAMIN' HEAVY out there in digital.

Features BORN TOO LATE and ACTION...

After Spillin' the Light in 2016, I HEART HIROSHIMA are now looking to the present and beyond: Dreamin' Heavy. 

An exploration of fundamental frustration and disagreements with proven strategies. Recorded with Greg Jard, mastered at Chicago Mastering includes "One Click", "Key to Life", "Born Too Late", "Workin'" and a bit of a special closing track: the much anticipated "Action". 

I HEART HIROSHIMA are a ragged joy of guitars and drums... since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way through some eps - 3 Letter Word for Candy; Cut in Colour - and two albums - Tuff Teeth; The Rip - along with numerous tours and festivals around Australia, Europe and Asia. Guest tour spots have included runs with Conor Oberst, Ratatat, Gang of Four, Shonen Knife, The Rakes, Peaches, Maximo Park, The Mint Chicks, The Grates, Regurgitator and more...  Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes after teasing the possibilities in early 2016 when Sull returned from Berlin... subsequently recording an EP Spillin' the Light with Dubzy from Blank Realm. Riding a chasm of togetherness after an extended time apart inhabiting different worlds, since filled with life and experiences a new sensation rides high in the mix.

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